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Valued at over $160, not only is it great value, but great variety as well! This box will have you covered when it comes to sunscreen for a good while, and having so many of our brands included gives you a good chance to discover your new fav! Also a great option for sharing with friends so they'll be just a sunsafe as you. Grab a sample box featuring our best sellers today!


The box features 7 different tubes of some of our best selling sunscreens, including G'Day Anti-Mozzie Sunscreen, which is great for keeping you safe from the sun and mosquitos when you're out exploring. It also includes ZinSport Sweatblock Tinted Sunscreen for when you're getting active, as well as our hydrating KrCentella and G'day suncreens which are great on hot days to keep yourself feeling cool. And finally Clementine de Lalonde and Wear Me are great choices for when you need a sunscreen you can wear under makeup.

Sample Box

$129.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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  • Sample box including:

    - Clementine De Lalonde Anti-Aging Sunscreen

    - Clementine De Lalonde Tinted BB Cream

    - G'day Zinc Hydrating Face and Body Sunscreen

    - G'day Anti- Mozzie Sunscreen

    - Zinsport Sweatblock Tinted Sunscreen

    - Wear Me Luxury Mineral Sunscreen

    - krCentella Hydrating Mineral Face and Body

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